Review: Jen – Harvester of Souls by Dark Sword Miniatures

Disclaimer: I have worked with Jen Haley as a volunteer for the Paint and Take table for the past 2 CMON Expos.

Photo by Dark Sword Miniatures. Painted by Jen Haley.
Photo by Dark Sword Miniatures. Painted by Jen Haley.
Miniature: Jen – Harvester of Souls
Manufacturer: Dark Sword Miniatures
Price: $14.99
Material: Metal

This is a miniature I like quite a lot. Besides it being another good example of Dark Sword’s excellent sculpting and quality, it is also a good study in what it takes to elevate a miniature into something dynamic and full of character.

In some ways I get tired of writing about the general quality of a Dark Sword miniature because I feel like I’m repeating myself. Their bar for quality and production value is so high that I take it as a matter of course when reviewing their products. However, there may be some people who have never purchased from them or seen their figures personally.

    Parts List:

  1. Body
  2. Left arm w/ scythe
  3. Skeleton Cat

Because of this I have to say upfront that this miniature is extremely easy to prep. There were only a few tags of flash on the points of the scythe and pauldrons. The mold lines are very small and carefully placed so that they don’t obscure any important details, and the details on this figure are all very crisp.


Even the details on the skeleton cat are exceptionally well defined. I’m no expert on feline skeletons (truth be told I thought it was canine until I read the description on Dark Sword’s page), but this skeleton is impressive. It’s hard to really appreciate how good it is until you see it for yourself.

Photo by Dark Sword Miniatures.

Another excellent showing from a company with a very good history for quality.

Now I can move onto the original thrust of this review- what makes this figure so good.

At first glance it’s a person-standing-with-a-weapon archetype. One of the aspects that sets it apart is how natural the figure’s stance is. Every aspect has a realistic curve to it. Her weight is shifted more to one side, compensating for the scythe, and the arm holding the scythe is curved in such a way that it evokes the tension in the muscles to compensate for its weight. It’s a very subtle thing, but goes far beyond the stiffness I criticize in so many sculpts.

Another great aspect is the bit of characterization put into this piece. The right hand sweeping back her hair is a great touch, but when combined with the bemused expression on her face you can begin to see something about the piece, a sense of who is depicted.

Photo by Dark Sword Miniatures.

All of the excellent figure work is enhanced by the subtle folds and sweeps of the skirt. You don’t have to look that carefully to see that there isn’t a single unnaturally straight line anywhere. All of the organic shapes working in concert are a big part of what adds that elusive dynamic quality to a miniature and makes it stand out.

While the Harvester of Souls may not fit the archetype some think of when it comes to female necromancers, it is a miniature that deserves serious consideration. High quality at a good price. Plus skele-cat. Who doesn’t want a skele-cat?


Author: CreganTur

I'm an aspiring writer who has been toiling at his craft for many years in hopes of becoming a published author. I'm also an avid painter of miniature figures and am in the process of creating my own miniatures company.

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