Kicksmart: Egyptian Dungeon Game Tiles by Lunesdargent Workshop

A look at Egyptian Dungeon Game Tiles by Lunesdargent Workshop

There have been a number of gaming tilesets available through kickstarter over the past few years and I think it’s funny that this is the first egyptian themed set that’s been available. It’s such an iconic theme that I’m surprised no one else has done it, but this lapse has given Lunesdargent Workshop a perfect opportunity to for entry into this market.

A $46 pledge nets a full set of tiles, which was 44 on launch but has expanded slightly with stretch goals. At the beginning of the campaign this was just over $1 per piece, which is an excellent price. Stretch goals are including more tiles, pushing this price ever lower.

However, this price difference comes with a differential in detail. While the other 2 tilesets mentioned above had a more comprehensive level of detail per tile, most of the detail here is limited to the hieroglyphics on the walls. While these pictograms have a high level of fidelity, along with the benefit of matching real hieroglyphics, I do wonder if there is any logical reasoning for their placement. This has no bearing on the product, but I just wonder if they actually say anything or if they are just Lorem Ipsum.

The floor tiles are too neat and regular for my taste. As a gamer when I think egyptian ruins I think worn and ancient. Adding some small details like chipping or sand covering part of the tiles would have gone a long way to improving the feeling of theme. I just prefer my ancient ruins to be less factory-new.

A good friend of mine prefers it when tilesets like this offer painted versions for sale, so it’s nice to see that they have this available. However, I’m not sold on what they’re doing. These tiles aren’t painted, they’re hit with a wash. While this does made the tiles look better, just look at the comparison pictures on the kickstarter page, I feel a little soured by this. While it’s only an $11 difference in price, I know that’s not worth it to me, not for a simple layer of wash.

I’m also a little concerned to know if they seal the wash after it has dried. I would hope they do, but it’s not stated anywhere.

Compatibility is another concern. While the previous tileset featured on Kicksmart showed terrain from other companies there is no comparison photo here. The campaign description states that they use the “25mm squares system,” but there is no obvious text stating whether or not they are compatible with other company’s products.

It’s funny to see how far-reaching Reaper’s influence is. Here we have another interactive stretch goal map. This is an excellent idea as it shows backers what they can expect as the campaign moves forward. It’s a great tool for increasing hype and getting people to increase their pledges as they draw closer to the next stretch goal. This is a well done version of that same system I first encountered with the original Bones kickstarter.

While I would appreciate a more overt answer about compatibility with other terrain tiles and would love to see some more details added to the terrain, I have to say that this kickstarter is pleasantly attractive. The pieces are priced very well and look good. It’s a great choice of theme, letting them enter the field on an untouched idea. For anyone wanting to delve into ancient ruins, this is a project worthy of consideration.

In the details there is a blurb stating they want to look at adding more ideas for the future. Some trap tiles would be a great idea. Walls with holes hidden in an architectural flourish, a floor where 1 tile is suspiciously set higher than the others, these are the kinds of things I’d like to see included.


Author: CreganTur

I'm an aspiring writer who has been toiling at his craft for many years in hopes of becoming a published author. I'm also an avid painter of miniature figures and am in the process of creating my own miniatures company.

2 thoughts on “Kicksmart: Egyptian Dungeon Game Tiles by Lunesdargent Workshop”

  1. Another nice review, good to see that you’re keeping it up. Hirst Arts has a few Egyptian themed molds that would probably be up your alley and are relatively cheap if you don’t mind casting your own stuff. I own one or two of them and used them a lot years ago for a friend’s tombs kings army. While having precast stuff is cool, if you game at a shop that already has terrain (like I do) they just take up space I could use for models, paints, and the like.


  2. Hm…
    you know, not everyone wants their egyptian themed scenario to consist of ruins. Maybe they have a game setting in a compatible civilisation, or back in time when Ramses was the Farao?
    Then you’d be able to use all those lovely minis made by Dark Fable…


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