Review: Thief of Hearts Cleric by Dark Sword Miniatures

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Miniature: Thief of Hearts #7 – Cleric
Manufacturer: Dark Sword Miniatures
Price: $19.99
Material: Pewter

The Thief of Hearts is a staple of Dark Sword Miniatures. Each is a beautiful, winged woman, generally representing one of the staple classes of fantasy gaming, and they are always posed either in flight or about to take off. I’m not sure if they’re a yearly release or not.

Similar to Reaper’s Sophie, the Thief of Hearts seems to be an unofficial mascot of Dark Sword Miniatures. A major difference, however, is that these miniatures share a theme and are not the same woman sculpted in different styles.

I have reviewed a Thief of Hearts before, that one wielded a bow. This Cleric version has enough differences to differentiate itself from its predecessor and stand alone as its own composition.

Her design contains a lot of competing angles that give it a very dynamic feeling. The direction of her cloak shows that the wind is at her back, her wings are open to catch the air, and I love her pose. It reminds me of the art for angles in some of the old Magic: The Gathering cards. It makes me think that her scepter should be gleaming with righteous power. Even the integral base has a nice design with its rough, bare rocks stacked up in a way that isn’t bland.

    Parts List:

  1. Cloak and Integral Base
  2. Body
  3. Wings (2)
  4. Right arm
  5. Left hand with Scepter
  6. Left leg

While this kit is beautiful, it will require quite a bit of work. I encountered a large number of gate tags on many pieces, especially the wings and the right hand. The right shoulder was disappointing as there is a hole along the upper edge that will require some reconstruction of the pauldron.

This hole may be responsible for the difficulty in finding a good fitting for the arm to the body.

The body itself also has some problem mold lines, especially on the back. Thankfully most of these are covered by the large cape, so they only require smoothing to allow for a good fit between the pieces.

The wings are beautiful with nice texture on the feathers, but the outer edge has an obvious mold line running around almost the entire piece. Due to the highly detailed texture, this will require patience and a steady hand to clean off well.

Also, take care with the wing tabs that slot into the back of the cloak. They come oversized for the connection and should be slowly worked down to make sure you don’t take off too much, resulting in a loose fit. I recommend gluing them in place and then using a bit of greenstuff to reinforce the joint.

The left leg was easy to get into position thanks to the notch in the cloak for the heel, but I was left with a large seam between the leg and the boot.

I get the feeling that I got a casting from a mold nearing the end of its life due to how many parts had casting problems, ill fitting pieces, or details that weren’t as crisp as I expect from Dark Sword. Because of this I feel more than a little crestfallen with this Thief of Hearts. She’s a gorgeous concept, but the execution in this casting is lacking.

Now, she’s not beyond hope, but it will require a good amount of work to complete the assembly, fill the gaps, and fix some broken details. The detail quality of the face and hair is surprisingly good with the other problems and the wings are fantastic aside from the perimeter mold line.

I would give this Thief of Hearts a cautious recommendation. If you love the pose and the design, then I’d say risk it- your copy may be from a new mold without any of the problems I encountered. However, if you’re on the fence perhaps look at a different winged beauty.
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Author: CreganTur

I'm an aspiring writer who has been toiling at his craft for many years in hopes of becoming a published author. I'm also an avid painter of miniature figures and am in the process of creating my own miniatures company.

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