I was planning to do tutorials, but…

When I was planning to create this site there were plans to produce some tutorials, video and written, to accompany the reviews. But, then my wife and I decided to put our house up for sale as we need more room for us and the kids.

Almost all of my hobby stuff is currently packed up. The only items available to me are what I could fit into my mobile painting station, which is mostly paints, brushes, and a small selection of miniatures.

The first tutorials I had planned were sculpting terrain and bases and then doing some painting on what had been created. This has been put on hold pretty much until we get settled into a new house.

However, I am trying to come up with ideas of painting tutorials I can do with what I have on hand… the only issue is that the first ideas I’ve had are for topics better covered by tutorials that already exist.

So, for now, tutorials are on hold. If a good idea suddenly springs to mind I’ll do it, but it might not happen any time soon.


Author: CreganTur

I'm an aspiring writer who has been toiling at his craft for many years in hopes of becoming a published author. I'm also an avid painter of miniature figures and am in the process of creating my own miniatures company.

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